Does Your Mum Hitchhike Too?


My mum inspired me to write this post. The fact that I’ve got this picture in my mind of my mum hitch-hiking at the age of 66 just makes me laugh out loud. I don’t know why we came across this topic now cause the story actually happened in the Swiss autumn which is spring here in Australia. I’m still stunned that she didn’t call me straight away. She said she’d forgotten! Unbelievable! She only told me today via Face-time. Cause you know, she lives at the other end of the world.

So apparently she was cutting flowers in a public field. Don’t know if this exists in Australia. You basically drive to the flower field. Park. Bring your own scissors and cut your flowers in the middle of the field. You count them and put the money (there’s a sign how much one flower is) into a tin next to the field. By the way. The tin is attached to something so it can’t be stolen. After you’ve paid you take the flower and leave. My mum does this heaps.

Well only this time she lost her car keys somewhere in the middle of the field.

She just could not find them any more. Searched forever. Her phone, house keys .. just everything was in the car. Which was obviously looked. So she waited along the road and held up her thumb (that’s the correct expression in English, right?!). The road is not very busy and leads into the woods. Yes .. extremely inviting, isn’t it?!




Shortly afterwards a car stopped with two men inside. Bloody hell. I stopped breathing when she told me this. Mind you! Yes via Face-time! Apparently she hopped into the car (isn’t that what we tell the 14 year old girls NOT TO DO???) and they drove her home. The two young men even offered to drive her back to her car after she got the spare car keys from home (thank god my dad was home to let her in – he thought the story was hilarious) but she said: “No thank! It’s fine. I’ll just hitch-hike back.” Seriously?! I don’t recognise my mum any more (but secretly I think this is pretty cool).

Anyway. She waited along the road. Thumb up again and this time an elderly couple stopped and asked her what she’s up to. She told them the story and off they went. The men suggested to her that she might have to pray to get the car key back. She said she’d already done so (my mum’s a bit religious, she goes to church almost every Sunday) but the man said: You might have to promise –  you know whom – some money! So she did! The couple dropped her off and she went into the field to search again. And you know what?! After a while she bloody found the car key!

Those two lovely men who gave my mum the first lift, left her a business card. They work at a local pizza place. Two weeks later my dad organised an event with around 15 couples (including my mum) and he booked tables at that pizza place. After arrival he outed my mum and told them that they ‘saved’ her and they thought it was a nice gesture to book this group into their restaurant and bring them some business.

So my moral of this post is:


  • You can still hitch-hike at the age of 66 (it’s probably safer anyway)
  • At little prayer (promising – you know whom – money) can’t do any harm
  • Always give that 66 year old lady a lift – she’ll reward you


P.S. In case you wonder. That’s not my mum in any of these pictures!


Have you ever experienced the ‘what goes around – comes around’?

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