I Am Going Camping

Yes .. I am. If you are like ALL of my friends, ALL of my family (except the Swiss and the kids, cause they obviously come with me) and EVERYONE I am telling about my adventure, you are shocked, right? Haha. I do agree. I still can’t quite believe it myself but I am actually very much looking forward to it. If it’s not raining I might need to add.

I’ve had quite a bit of a camping break. To be precise we are talking about a 27 year break. In my youth I was forced (haha, I know, poor me) to go on a two week camping holiday. But wait. There’s a twist. A BIKING camping holiday. In France. Everyone rode their own bike with some sort of box (no idea how to explain this in English) on each side of the bike to store your STUFF. And we are talking about MY STUFF. Even back then I had lots of STUFF. They (as in the camp supervisors) kindly transported the tents etc. with vans. But we travelled by bike. Which sounds pretty idyllic. It was not. It was bloody exhausting and it was bloody constantly raining. Ok not constantly but almost. And for some reason I always had to sleep at the entrance of the tent which meant I was soaking wet all the time. Everything was soaking wet all the time. I hated it. So0000 much. I was traumatised.

Fast forward 22 years the Swiss and the kids (they were 4.5 and 9 months old) went on a camping holiday to Canada. But with a camper van. When I told my friends they all laughed and asked questions like: But where are you going to store all your clothes?! You know that you don’t need to wear make-up and blow dry your hair?! How many statement necklaces are you going to take (I took two with me)?! And how many scarves ( I took 3 and bought 2 haha)?!




You know what. I LOVED it. Totally loved it. Till this day I think it was one of the most relaxing and beautiful holidays we’ve ever had. Ok apart from when I went for my first shower on the camp ground. All equipped with new clothes, shampoo and shower gel. But I forgot to bring a towel and had to jump into my jeans SOAKING wet! I learned that lesson.





Anyway. We are going camping again. But IN A TENT! And all I hear is: YOU are going camping?! You can’t bring your statement necklaces! How many scarves are you going to take?

Well this comment made me think and I decided I need a new camping scarf. Haha. Quite fancy for camping, right? But I couldn’t resist when I saw this Seed scarf on sale for $28.




More questions kept coming like: You are going to be sleep deprived! Exhausted! Is your husband forcing you to go?! Etc. etc. I get it. I don’t look like I am capable of camping I guess. But you know what? I am looking forward to it. I see myself sitting in that camping chair, sipping on wine while the Swiss firstly puts up the tent and then cooks dinner. We are going to have a great time!

As long as it’s not raining ..

P.S. Hit me with your tips and tricks please!


  1. I had some fun experiences camping in Europe but I think I only slept in a tent for a couple of nights max. Your story made me laugh so much because on school camp our tent got flooded and I ended up covered in mud and had to try to rinse off in a creek!

    • Haha. Looks like we’ve had the same experience. Let’s just hope it won’t rain next week. Otherwise I will just make the kids sleep next to the entrance .. lol. No no .. it will be fun. Will keep you posted! xx

  2. Camping, such a dirty word! Mr SW has been trying to get me camping for 20 years, hasn’t worked yet!
    I love that scarf by the way 💕
    Can’t wait to hear all about it xx

    • Oh gosh. I’m scared. So much effort just getting everything ready. I’m already exhausted .. haha.. Will keep you posted ;o) xx

  3. We went camping over the summer holiday, it was fun (I am not a camper) but it was more glamping, small fridge to j
    Keep the wine cold, bbq so it was all at my finger tips! And definitely a powered site 😂 have fun! Yep when It rains I head home!

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