Lunch with Mrs Woog @ Woogsworld

Not long ago I’ve had the week of my life (apart from a couple of other cool events – details which will follow in a separate blog post .. well hopefully).

I had lunch with Mrs Woog from Woogsworld and around nine other ladies. AND the fabulous Wendy Harmer!

I had lunch with Mrs Woog! (Sorry .. I had to write it again cause it was so freckin’ awesome)


Lunch with Mrs Woog from Woogsworld


I was super-nervous and uber-super excited. All of us met at a little (fantastic) café and I was lucky enough to sit right next to Mrs Woog. I do admit I wanted to constantly touch her (I didn’t) cause it felt so unreal.


Lunch with Mrs Woog from Woogsworld


And I do admit that in my adult life (as well .. actually especially .. as in my child life) I was never SOoo present and alert (yeaph, didn’t like school much). I couldn’t take my eyes and ears of those ladies. I listened to every single word that every single lady said at that table (just for your information .. I’m quite good at ‘drifting away’). Wendy did a Q&A with Mrs Woog about blogging and all that ‘stuff’. And then it was our turn to tell everyone our WHY or what we STRUGGLE with. Funny enough (well not funny as in funny but as in: interesting) almost all of us struggle with the same things/stuff. When it was my turn I pretty much said:

Well, I am still trying to find my voice and motivation (cheez still??!! .. read about it here).  I’m just so insecure about whether people really want to read what I am writing. Plus my biggest struggle is that English is not my first language. The Swiss writing in English! Therefore EVERYTHING takes me even longer that it takes me already. I want to write funny and interesting articles. And for me this is hard in English. Because not all the sayings are the same. Haha, sometimes I get it pretty wrong and it changes everything .. the whole meaning (mind you .. I’m not even aware of it, only you are!). I kinda always ignored grammar (not good at it, never was, never cared) and sometimes (aka quite a lot of times) made up my own words.

But then Mrs Woog, as well as Wendy said something to me which is now ‘burned’ into my brain (does that make sense now?).

Basically it was, that I should just write how I used to in my first language! That THIS is my signature. My voice. And most of all have fun writing!

So my out-take (apart from many other things) is:

Not to worry about the mistakes! Not to worry about a post being perfect (cause I am not perfect anyway)! Cause sometimes it makes it even more interesting if it’s actually not perfect. There will be mistakes. Hopefully funny ones .. and I urge you now .. please always let me know!!

I left this fabulous lunch on a high. I felt like I was not driving home. I was flyyyyyyyyyyying!

I might have finally found a way to overcome my struggle(s). By just being me. The Swiss in Sydney. Now let’s find that WHY! Why I blog. What to blog about. Finding my voice, my little corner ..

So I guess all comes down to my life. What Icadoo loves. What my daily inspiration is. Fashion, Styling, Beauty .. but there is a lot more!! And I will now just write about anything and everything what I love.

What Icadoo loves .. and hopefully inspire you!

P.S. Cheez .. does this all makes sense now? It does to me .. but it is a bit crowded in my head right now. So many thoughts and ideas!

Have you met Mrs Woog? Tell me ALL about it ..


  1. I am so, so pleased that you came along and got so much out of it. That group of women were amazing. Thanks for coming along and being YOU! xx

    • Oh gosh. So much for taking your advice! Totally neglected my blog in December. I loved meeting you. You are so awesome and I hope to see you again soon. xx

    • So sorry for my late reply. I’ve neglected the blog for a bit in December. I love Mrs Woog. She’s awesome. It was great to meet you in November .. Happy New Year!!! xx

  2. It makes sense to me! I am so glad you found your voice and I actually really love the sound of your Swiss – to – Aussie language. If Mrs Woog and Wendy say it’s ok then it ok!! Bron x

    • You are just so gorgeous!! Sorry for my late response… I’ve neglected the blog for a while … arghhh … xx

  3. Delayed response sorry – your lunch sounded AMAZING!! So great that you got so much from it and I totally agree – I love reading what you write in your style. It’s you, it’s different, it’s fun, it’s interesting xox

    • Sorry for my late reply Karen. Christmas has taken over my time but I hopefully will be able to blog more again (and take my own advice .. haha).
      Andrea xx

  4. I’m not a blogger, however enjoy reading your blog and Mrs Woog is very easy to read. I meet her at Royal Pines Resort while lmwas enjoying a glass of wine with an old friend, and we ended up being written about in a blog!!! So excited and am now hooked on blogs!

    • Thanks for your message Pat! I think I read about you! Mrs Woog is just pure awesomeness. I love her blog. I’m just a small fish and this blog is my little baby/hobby but I love it. Happy 2016 and thanks for reading my blog. Makes me really happy! xx

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