Tattoo’s and Jumping off Bridges ..

Today’s post is not so much about fashion, styling or beauty. It’s more about the: and more… No actually it kinda still could fall into the styling category if you consider a tattoo stylish.

The other day I was watching my son at his intensive school holiday swimming course and somehow the mum next to me and I happen to glance at each other’s (bare) ankles (no clue why). We then looked up and started laughing. She pretty much had the same hideous tattoo on her ankle than I do. We started chatting and told each other our tattoo story. From our youth. A million years ago (hence the terrible quality of the photos .. sorry!!)

I met Sayuri (her mum is from Japan, hence the exotic name) on the first day in the classroom when we started our 3 year commercial apprenticeship in Zurich, Switzerland. We were 16. Gosh, that’s a long time ago! Yes really kind of a million years. Anyway, it was ‘friendship at first sight’! Mann, we had fun together! I can’t remember why but somehow we started doing ‘crazy’ stuff together. We went tandem sky diving in the Italian part of Switzerland (I almost peed in my pants).

We did Bungee jumping out of a cableway in the Swiss Alps watched by cows (I was horrified but I did jump).




We went canyoning in Lauterbrunnen (I almost drowned). We went paragliding (let’s just say the wind was not our friend).



And then we went away for a weekend to Pont de l’Artuby in France to the highest bridge in Europe for a 190m Bungee Jump (there is video evidence of me screaming like there is no tomorrow).



IMG_9245 (115)



Yes, Sayuri and I did A LOT of crazy stuff together. So before we had our final tests we decided to ‘seal’ our friendship. With a tattoo! What a brilliant idea (not). We made an appointment at a tattoo studio in the city and off we went. With no plan or idea or whatsoever. Gosh we were naïve. After arrival we had a (casual) look at a photo book and spontaneously decided to get a matching tattoo. Me on the left ankle, Sayuri on the right ankle. A beautiful and gorgeous ROSE (not). With colours.


Clearly all those jumps must’ve damaged some of our brain cells (although we both passed our exams).

Well, I do admit that I don’t regret the ‘sealing’ of our friendship. But I totally regret the rose ..




Do you have a tattoo you regret?


    • Yes crazy and wonderful adventures. Sayuri is a gorgeous person. Once of those people you are not constantly in contact but once you are again it’s like picking up where we left. Friends for life. xx

  1. I really want a tattoo but can’t decide what exactly I want or where I should put it. Can’t say I’ve ever wanted to throw myself off a perfectly good bridge, even with a rope attached to me. lol

    • Lol .. you are too funny! Well believe me, nowadays I wouldn’t do that again!! I quite like the spot of my tattoo. I’ve also got another on on my back just above or where the pants sit. So no one really sees is. Go for it!! xx

  2. Your rose may not be today’s choice, but it’s still a brilliant reminder of a wonderful friendship during a wonderful time in your life. I’d love a rose like that. x

    • You are absolutely right. It’s such a beautiful reminder and part of me. I wear it with pride .. xx

  3. Oh man you have done some incredible things hun. Bungee jumping is something I have never been brave enough to do. As for that rose – the fact that it represents an incredible time in your life and a very special friendship, so wear it proud babe. No regrets! xx

    • Believe me Sonia .. I would never ever do those things again. And you are right. No regrets at all about the rose. I wear it proud! xx

  4. I have a gecko tattooed on the top of my foot. Over ten years have passed and still no regrets. I love that you ‘sealed’ your friendship, the rose may not be your favourite choice but it does symbolise so much more than that. Memories are precious and if those experiences with your friend come flooding back every time you glace at your rose, then its a gift that keeps on giving. Wear it with pride :)

    • Oh I love a tattoo on top of a foot. Great choice! I also love the fact that we ‘sealed’ our friendship with the rose and the more I think about it and read the comments the more it doesn’t actually matter what it is! You are absolutely right. And I wear it with pride! Thank you. xx

  5. Oh my goodness. Even when I was young and adventurous sky diving an bungee jumping were’t still on my “too shit scared” list. Such a great friendship tale. o you still see her? Zoe xx

    • I have no idea Zoe how I was brave enough for all those things back then. Hahaha. Well we are in contact. But don’t see each other often cause she lives on the other end of the world. But that doesn’t matter. We are friends for life! xx

  6. Oh you are just one crazy girl aren’t you?? I would love a tattoo but am too much of a perfectionist and can’t decide what to get.
    I would have peed my pants many times over by doing the things you have done!!
    Bron x

    • Believe me. I am peeing my pants just reading what I’ve been up to. Haha. Never ever would I be doing this stuff again at my (old) age .. xx

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