I Am Going Camping

Yes .. I am. If you are like ALL of my friends, ALL of my family (except the Swiss and the kids, cause they obviously come with me) and EVERYONE I am telling about my adventure, you are shocked, right? Haha. I do agree. I still can’t quite believe it myself but I am actually very much looking forward to it. If it’s [Read More...]

Does Your Mum Hitchhike Too?

old women2
My mum inspired me to write this post. The fact that I've got this picture in my mind of my mum hitch-hiking at the age of 66 just makes me laugh out loud. I don't know why we came across this topic now cause the story actually happened in the Swiss autumn which is spring here in Australia. I'm still stunned that she [Read More...]

Lunch with Mrs Woog @ Woogsworld

Not long ago I've had the week of my life (apart from a couple of other cool events - details which will follow in a separate blog post .. well hopefully). I had lunch with Mrs Woog from Woogsworld and around nine other ladies. AND the fabulous Wendy Harmer! I had lunch with Mrs Woog! (Sorry .. I had to write it [Read More...]

Tattoo’s and Jumping off Bridges ..

Today’s post is not so much about fashion, styling or beauty. It’s more about the: and more... No actually it kinda still could fall into the styling category if you consider a tattoo stylish. The other day I was watching my son at his intensive school holiday swimming course and somehow the mum next to me and I [Read More...]

Inspiration from You!

I’ve been feeling a little bit blaaaaaa. Not much motivation to write and last week not even much motivation to do my (almost) daily posts on Instagram or Facebook.   Why? Hmhmmm, several things. I don’t really feel super confident at the moment. I’ve gained a bit of weight over winter and it annoys me [Read More...]

Tuesday Productivity

There was no outfit post today on my Facebook or Instagram account. Why? I’ve actually stayed in my gym clothes all day. Well, here’s a recap of my day if you are interested: Just as I was about to to start my beloved Tuesday morning Pilates class when the school called to inform me, that I have to pick up Master [Read More...]

Lost Luggage

Next week at this time I am already sitting in the plane .. hopefully with a glass of something {preferably alcoholic, although I doubt this cause it will be 6am or something} in my hand. And relax. And breathe. This is also most likely not going to happen since there will be two children travelling with us. Anyway. [Read More...]


It’s #smtg4gotten Thursday! Hmhmm, so what does Prince have to do with it? Well, here’s the story. August 29th 1993, Zurich Switzerland, a loooooong time ago. Yes! I got a Prince concert ticket for my birthday (pre-birthday present) plus a golden bracelet. A couple of us were planning on going to this concert [Read More...]