At Least I Loved My Outfit

So Wednesday started well. Off to school drop off (and then work) with my very old but very loved red heels, my new drop crotch pants and some off the shoulder action happening. Whilst driving to school I looked into the mirror only to discover that the face of my daughter looks very empty .. as in: no glasses. Bugger! [Read More...]

Icadoo Loves – Vine Apparel

Vine Apparel
Well you most likely already know that I am a big fan of Vine Apparel. I came across it when I went to a fashion event in May. You can read about it here. Since then I do confess that I’ve been to their warehouse several times. Upssss. The items I own are on very high rotation. I’m so excited (the Swiss not so [Read More...]

Icadoo Loves – H&M

  You probably know how much I LOVE H&M. If you don’t. I LOVE H&M! Back in Switzerland I’ve spent most of my time at H&M. Ok I am kidding. Well, kinda not. But anyway. Most of my basic (old) wardrobe is H&M. Since we moved to Australia over 3 ½ years ago I really really really .. reallyyyy [Read More...]

Icadoo Loves – Lacey Lace Up Shoes

I am starting something new! It's called: Icadoo Loves I share what I fell in love! It could be shoes (like today), clothes, jewellery, a blogger, a blog post, a style, hair, thingssssss, .. Yes, it can be pretty much anything!  Icadoo Loves: Rubi Lacey Lace Up Shoes for $24.95 Find it: Click here (Update: [Read More...]