#30FlirtyFashion – The Bargain Hunt Project

Christmas is done and dusted. Spent all your money? Well I spent it all on the kids and everyone else. But not on me. Well I do admit that I have my little Christmas shopping party pretty much all year around so I can’t really complain. But by doing this I need to find some bargains. Otherwise the Swiss would not be happy!

I wanted something new for New Years Eve but didn’t want to spend much, plus I wanted something I can wear again. And again. Something versatile. So Robyna from The Mummy and the Minx and Bron from Flat Bum Mum, I have set ourselves the challenge of creating an outfit within a $30 budget. If you feel like playing along, tag #30FlirtyFashion on Instagram . I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


#30FlirtyFashion Style Challenge


With my $30 challenge money in my pocket I hit the shops a couple of days ago. Yeaph! So brave! Plus I had my two kids in tow. I visit Kmart frequently (as you’ve probably noticed) so this was my first stop. I did not buy an entire new outfit cause I am a big fan of ‘rediscover your wardrobe’ and using the ‘versatile items’ in my closet (as mentioned before). I found some awesome snake print heels which were down to $7. I discovered a cool necklace (yeaph because I totally don’t have enough of them .. ups .. read more about it here) and a great kaftan, on sale for $7. The kaftan doesn’t really go with the heels but I figured it is kinda nice to have two outfits and if it’s within the budget. Even better. I found the black dress at H&M also on Sale for $10. So here are both of my outfits.


Number 1 – The dressy one:




Necklace ($5) and heels ($7) from Kmart
Black dress ($10) from H&M
Clutch, Ring and Cape are old (so this doesn’t count as ‘new shopping’)

Total spent for this new outfit: $22






Number 2: The beachy one:




Kaftan ($7) from Kmart
Black dress ($10) from H&M
Shoes and Necklace are old (so this doesn’t count as ‘new shopping’)

Total spent for this new outfit: $17


So BOTH of those outfits together cost me $29 in total. Pretty cool isn’t it?!


Robyna from The Mummy and the Minx  hit the sewing machine and gosh, I am soooo jelly of her outfit. I think it’s totally awesome. Check out all the details here.



Bron from Flat Bum Mum  scoured her local outlet stores for this beautiful outfit. How stunning does she look?! Read how she did it here.



What’s your secret to create an outfit for under $30? Which are your favourite stores?

Tell me (this is the evil shopaholic speaking ;o) ..


    • Yes yes! Check them out. They are really cool! I always always find great stuff at Kmart (and Cotton On ;o))) xx

    • Thanks Robyna. I am really happy about my bargains. Good to have a challenge .. And you know how much I love your dress! So gorgeous!! xx

    • ANYTIME Karen. QLD is on my list this year so hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet in person. xx

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