At Least I Loved My Outfit

So Wednesday started well. Off to school drop off (and then work) with my very old but very loved red heels, my new drop crotch pants and some off the shoulder action happening. Whilst driving to school I looked into the mirror only to discover that the face of my daughter looks very empty .. as in: no glasses. Bugger! Turned around. Back to the house to get the glasses. Slightly grumpy I might add. I then dropped the kids off at school and drove to work. All good.

Until I got a phone call from school at 1pm that my son is sick and needs to be picked up. Bugger! I mean, poor son. Off I go. But before I do so I got my lunch out of the office fridge (cause who has already eaten lunch at 1pm!). A huge fancy glass water bottle fell out of the fridge, on the floor and into a thousand pieces. Floor was flooded. Grhhh, really don’t have time to clean this up but had to do it anyway. I raced to school and was greeted by a lovely lady who asked me if I was O’s mum. He soooo looks like you!!! Alright. Apparently he’s starving! Ehm, ok. Sick bay? Starving? Got him (and all his belongings minus the school hat we could not find anymore) and off we went home.

He had a bit of a rest and I did some work. I totally forgot the time when I suddenly remembered that I actually do have a second child who needs to be picked up from school. Ehm. Right now! So off we raced back to school. She was waiting for us. What’s in the plastic bag? I asked. Oh, that’s the laminating machine. Mhmm. Ok. Why are we getting the laminating machine? Well daddy said to tell my teacher that we can do some laminating at home. Ehmmmmmm, alright then. DADDY. Have fun on your laminating weekend!

We arrived home only to discover that there was no power. Alright kids. Back into the car. We need to do a little detour .. aka bottleeeeee shopppppp! By the time we got back, the power was back on. The day was actually not THAT bad, I took it quite easy and I’ve had worse.

At least I loved my outfit!


Old heels and scarf from the archives
Drop crotch pants (Our Little Boutique)
OTS top (not current) (Sussan)

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