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Well you most likely already know that I am a big fan of Vine Apparel. I came across it when I went to a fashion event in May. You can read about it here.

Since then I do confess that I’ve been to their warehouse several times. Upssss. The items I own are on very high rotation.

I’m so excited (the Swiss not so much) to go to their Summer Warehouse Sale this Tuesday, 29th September 5:30-9pm:




Here are (a few of) my current favorites. Number one, two and eight are already in my wardrobe ..


1 Winter Kylie – White $39

2 Gelate Legs – Black Matte $59

3 Rapture Shirt $45

4 Elephant Necklace – Antique Silver $30 (on Sale)

5 Origami Flats $45

6 Sydney Layer Necklace – Gold $35

7 Frankie Boots – Beige Ice $59

8 Sold out – similar here for $49

9 Inca Top – White $45

10 Leopard Print Pants $45

11 Tan/White Sandals $50


Sorry the direct link to the items only works if you do it from a computer. Not from your mobile.


Are you a fan of Vine Apparel? What would you pick?

P.S. This is not a sponsored post .. just spreading the love ..


  1. How was the Vine Apparel event on Tuesday? So sorry I missed it. My littlest was really sick Tues arvo so I couldn’t leave home and I might have fallen asleep at the wheel!! Love their tops and capes so much. Hope you got some great goodies xox

    • Hope everyone is healthy again! Nothing worse than a sick child. Gosh it was crazy! We were there quite early but there was already a huge line. I found some great pants. But it was a bit too crowded for me. I love their clothes. Will go back but when it’s nice and quiet ;o))) xx

    • They have AWESOME prices Bron. Check them out online. I just love their clothes and let me know if you want to buy their wet look pants (probably too hot now for summer), but they are AMAZEBALLS! You have to go down 2 sizes. I know. It’s crazy. And when you look at the pants you think: How on earth am I going to fit into these (that’s how I felt) but they are MAGIC :o)))) xx

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