Rockmans Designer Collaboration + Summer Preview

On Thursday I was invited to the Pretty Girl Fashion Group press day to have a sneak preview at the Rockmans designer collaboration and Summer 2015 / 2016 collection. The event was held in the city at Simmer on the bay at Dawes Point in Sydney. Wow! What a great location! To say I was a little bit excited doesn’t really sum it up. I was soooo excited. The little Swiss fish (ok I’m not sure if this is translated correctly into the Aussie slang but who cares) was going to a fashion show. With a runway, models and all (including bubbles)!

But let me start with the preparation. Cause that had to be precise since I’m a working mum and the event started at 6pm. It pretty much looked like this: Worked from home till the afternoon. Did my hair, make-up and got properly dressed (without anyone hanging on my leg or annoying me.. first win!). Drove to kindy (all dolled-up) to pick up child 1. Got a lot of compliments which made me smile. Drove to after-school-care to pick up child 2. Got strange looks (isn’t she a bit overdressed?). Drove into the city to pick up the Swiss from work. Drove to venue. Jumped out of the car and there I was. Off mum-duty. Ready for an awesome night!


What I wore:



I rediscovered my whole outfit in my wardrobe
Apart from the necklace, it’s from Rockmans / Amber Rose but unfortunately sold out


I was a tiny bit early (due to the fact that unlike other times everything ran smoothly) and the gorgeous girls from Pretty Girl Fashion Group let me have a look around. Pretty Girl Fashion Group manages brands like Rockmans, Table Eight, BeMe and W Lane. And they had some exciting news. They launched a designer collaboration with LA based designer Hale Bob. He is famous for creating bright signature prints. Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum and many more wear his clothes. His style fits perfectly in the Pretty Girl Fashion range. They collaborated to create a standout summer collection, bringing a touch of LA inspired style to Rockmans. Launching in store is Monday, 26 October 2015.


But have a look for yourself:





Hale Bob for Rockmans: Monochrome Gypsy Top $79.99 (Instore: 23/11/15)




Hale Bob for Rockmans: Monochrome Jumpsuit $119.99 (Instore 26/10/15)




Hale Bob for Rockmans: Embroidered Detail top $69.99 (Instore: 26/10/15)
Hale Bob for Rockmans: Tassel Detail Maxi Skirt $69.99 (Instore: 26/10/15)



Hale Bob for Rockmans: Mosaic Print Dress $129.99 (Instore: 23/11/15)



Hale Bob for Rockmans: Aztec Shift Dress $99.99 (Instore: 26/10/15)


Apart from absolutely loving a lot of pieces from all of the brands I was totally excited to be at my first runway fashion show. Sitting in the first row! Well there were two rows but hey, I did make it front row! And I met a lot of fashion bloggers I have been following for a while and I totally adore. I was sitting next to (ok, there was one person in between us) the stunning Deauvanné from Mama Stylista




I sipped champagne with Barbe from Fashionista in Suburbia 




And had many laughs (as you can see) with Kimba from Kimba Likes  and Sarah from She Writes 




Mama Stylista, Kimba Likes, me, She Writes



IMG_8261  IMG_8263


So yes .. I had a ball! And I can’t wait for the Summer 2015 collection to hit the stores ..


  1. You looked gorgeous Andrea!! It was so great to see you at the event and I loved your wrap-up of it all. I am in love with the monochrome jumpsuit! And I can totally relate about the preparation for the night. I also did the daycare pickup all dressed up – a little weird :) xox

    • How funny is it to do pickup’s all dressed up! Was lovely to see you and I am already looking forward to next time! And yes. That jumpsuit! LOVE! You would totally rock it! Andrea xx

    • Ah Sarah you are so sweet! It was super lovely meeting you and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon. Andrea xx

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