Icadoo Loves – H&M

  You probably know how much I LOVE H&M. If you don’t. I LOVE H&M! Back in Switzerland I’ve spent most of my time at H&M. Ok I am kidding. Well, kinda not. But anyway. Most of my basic (old) wardrobe is H&M. Since we moved to Australia over 3 ½ years ago I really really really .. reallyyyy [Read More...]

Icadoo Loves – Lacey Lace Up Shoes

I am starting something new! It's called: Icadoo Loves I share what I fell in love! It could be shoes (like today), clothes, jewellery, a blogger, a blog post, a style, hair, thingssssss, .. Yes, it can be pretty much anything!  Icadoo Loves: Rubi Lacey Lace Up Shoes for $24.95 Find it: Click here (Update: [Read More...]

Inspiration from You!

I’ve been feeling a little bit blaaaaaa. Not much motivation to write and last week not even much motivation to do my (almost) daily posts on Instagram or Facebook.   Why? Hmhmmm, several things. I don’t really feel super confident at the moment. I’ve gained a bit of weight over winter and it annoys me [Read More...]

The Daytime Nightie

I’ve got quite a few t-shirt dresses and tunicas. But I never really knew how to wear them. Well I wore them with ¾ leggings or shorts. It worked sort of but not really. I wanted to wear them just like that, but because they all are that tinny bit too short for my liking it never happened. Yes, the pins! I wrote about [Read More...]